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Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

Despite the fact that you could also be emotionally affected by accidents to your home, car, or jet ski, the phrase “personal injury” refers to harm to the body, mind, or emotions. In essence, the question is: Did the incident or accident you were involved in hurt your body or mind? So that you may obtain the money you are entitled to, you should see a personal injury attorney in Chicago. The Law Offices of Joseph Younes, P.C. is Chicago, Illinois’s go-to legal team for personal injury cases.

Joseph Younes is prepared to represent you since he has over 3 decades of expertise defending clients who have suffered injuries due to someone else’s carelessness on the work, the road, or in their care. Also, there is a legacy of advocacy in the family, as Younes has continued his father’s legal advocacy for those who have been wrongly hurt. Younes’ company focuses on medical malpractice, personal injury, and workers’ compensation. The Law Offices of Joseph Younes, P.C. will use all of its skills and resources as an Illinois personal injury legal company to win for the injured party.

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How do I Find a Personal Injury Attorney?

To discuss your claim, it is advisable to speak with the solicitor in person. Save all the documentation you have relating to your claims, such as the police report, medical bills, lost income information, and correspondence with the insurance company, along with the demand letter if it’s reached that point.

The majority of personal injury attorneys provide free initial consultations.

1. Look for an Experienced Lawyer

Specialized or generalist is how most lawyers operate. Find a legal professional with experience in accidents and personal injury. Moreover, they have access to specialists and medical personnel who can aid in the development of your claim and the pursuit of appropriate medical care for your injuries. Asking a lawyer about their experience with personal injury cases is always a good idea.

It is ideal that your solicitor has knowledge of instances similar to yours. If you’ve been damaged by a defective product, for instance, you must choose a lawyer with experience in product liability lawsuits. You should choose a lawyer with experience in handling cases similar to yours if you were hurt in a motorbike or tractor-trailer collision.

2. Online Websites

You may compile a list of prospective attorneys to consult about your case by using online sites like and, which both provide free legal information and professional directories. Also, you may contact a lawyer for free by completing the form at the top or bottom of the page.

3. Interview Several Attorneys

You can choose which solicitor is the greatest match for you by speaking with many of them. Based on their past performance, price, and working environment, contrast them.You will also have a complete grasp of what to anticipate from your case by chatting with many lawyers. You may get a feel from each of them of the case’s possible challenges and your chances of succeeding. Be cautious of anyone who looks to have an overblown view of your achievement; they may not be able to support it.

4. Your Settlement Target

You are not required to proceed in the manner you requested when you originally hired the solicitor to handle your case. You are always allowed to request a strategy adjustment from the solicitor as the case progresses. You can become weary of the procedure and want the solicitor to finish things up as quickly as feasible. Alternately, the expense of pursuing your claim in court may start to consume an excessive amount of your possible compensation. On the other side, as the case develops, you and your solicitor may feel that your chances of winning a larger settlement than you had anticipated have increased, and as a result, you are more ready to have them fight for a longer period of time than you were at first.

5. Choose a Lawyer with whom You Get Along.

Getting your health back and receiving a just payment in a personal injury case may be a difficult process. You want to feel confident in the discussions you have with your attorney since this trip will have its ups and downs. You should thus pick a personal injury solicitor that you can get along with. This indicates that the lawyer pays attention to what you have to say, responds to your inquiries, and clarifies things for you. You have the impression that the barrister is looking out for your interests. You may want to find someone else to represent you if you believe they are only accepting the case for the fee.

6.  Attorneys You Already Know

You may already be familiar with an attorney, either personally or via the lawyer’s prior representation of you in a legal situation. As a result, it could seem reasonable to choose the lawyer you already know when you think about hiring one to handle your personal injury claim.

Yet, this solicitor may have little to no expertise in representing clients in personal injury claims. If so, request a referral from the solicitor to someone who would be a suitable fit, either inside or outside of the firm. Attorneys frequently recommend cases to each other, and most attorneys have a contact that handles victims’ personal injury matters in their network. Yet, you shouldn’t blindly accept another lawyer’s recommendation, just as you shouldn’t when it comes from friends or coworkers.

7. Plan for Contingencies.

Lawyers are expensive; their hourly rates might reach the hundreds. It’s probably that you can’t afford to cover this expense on your own if you’ve been hurt. The fact that reputable personal injury lawyers accept cases on a contingency basis is the finest part. They won’t be paid, in other words, until you do. Because contingency costs are frequently between 25% and 40%, look for a barrister who works within those constraints. They will charge you a % of your earnings as their charge, and the best ones will include legal fees in the settlement to increase the strength of your claim.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Attorney Make 

As of 27, 2023, the compensation range for Personal Injury Lawyers in Chicago, Illinois is normally between $77,874 & $105,665. Nevertheless, the average income is $91,345 as of that date. assists you in determining your precise salary objective by providing extra online, actual salary data compared to any other website.

Dealing with a Chicago personal injury solicitor is primarily intended to help you obtain compensation for your losses and injuries, in addition to offering support and knowledge at a trying time. 

Your personal injury solicitor must deal with the consequences either of intentional or accidental carelessness and usually, following litigation, you will get cash compensation as the injured party! If a settlement cannot be reached, the offending party may be required to compensate you as the claimant. Yet more frequently than not, an agreement is struck.

You will be required to pay a contingency fee to your solicitor for their services as well as work on your case after the financial settlement is decided upon and given. But, no contingency fee is due if you lose your lawsuit.

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How to Settle a Personal Injury Claim Without an Attorney

The most frequent types of cases are those involving auto accidents & slip/trip and fall incidents. Medical malpractice, defective products, and other sorts of personal harm claims are possible.

A layperson representing himself in a medical negligence or product liability action is considered very unlikely to succeed in most circumstances. Complex difficulties are present in certain situations. An individual who is not familiar with the law, however, could be able to acquire fair recompense without the help of a solicitor in an instance involving relatively s mallinjuries, such as a car accident or fall down.

Is it Evident that The Other Person Was at Fault?

If it is evident that the defendant or one of its employees is to blame for your accident—for instance, if you have an observer who will testify on your behalf—you could find it easier to establish culpability and receive reasonable compensation on your own.

But, if it is not quite evident that the defendant is to blame for creating the underlying accident, you should prepare for more of a struggle, similar to the severity-of-injury problem outlined above.

By claiming that you were hurrying up and might have avoided the accident, that you were looking down at your phone when you fell, or that you slipped and fell while using the stairs, the defence may even claim that you were at fault for the slip and fall. Once more, in cases like this, hiring a barrister might be beneficial.

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