How Craigslist cars and trucks for sale by owner online

Craigslist cars and trucks for sale


Do you want to replace your automobile but don’t want to deal with the headache of a trade-in at the dealership? If so, you are not by yourself. To sell their car, thousands of vendors throng to online marketplaces. Finding the proper buyer for your car is now simpler than ever thanks to the growing popularity of online car shopping. Finding the best place to sell your automobile might be difficult, though, given the abundance of websites dedicated to old cars. These are several tried-and-true websites for buying and selling used vehicles online if you’re ready to part with your car.  

Craigslist cars for sale by owner near me

1. Cars .com

This is the location you go to if you want to buy or sell used craigslist cars and trucks for sale by owner, as the name suggests. For good reason, this is a very well-liked website for online car shopping. They provide a large selection of vehicles, making it simple to find what you’re looking for. Also, they syndicate postings, making it simple to browse an even larger selection. If you need to sell your automobile quickly, you can do it because they also give sellers the option of doing a quick sale to dealers.

2. Auto Trader

Most individuals have at some point perused an Auto Trader magazine, so it is not surprising that their website is also well-liked. With their sophisticated search engine, it’s simple to identify the precise make and model you’re searching for, and there are many excellent possibilities for sellers as well.

3. Craigslist

Although Craigslist is obviously familiar to you, you may not be aware of its significance in online vehicle transactions. With so many users, there are a tonne of cars for consumers to pick from, making it a wonderful site for sellers to post their vehicles. For individuals who seek a straightforward, trouble-free car buying experience, it’s a terrific location.

4. Auto Tempest (craigslist cars for sale private owner)

One of the most well-known websites for buying and selling secondhand craigslist cars for sale private owner is Auto Tempest. You can easily explore the website and conduct a precise vehicle search thanks to its straightforward search engine. To assist you in finding the greatest bargain, it also ties together various online car-selling websites.

5. eBay Motors

What was once a popular website for online cars for sale by owner on craigslist shopping has evolved from what was formerly an online marketplace for diverse collectibles, toys, and home goods. With so many users, it’s simple to set up a listing, and there is a sizable selection of vehicles that are up for grabs. Also, this is a fantastic choice for buyers and sellers who want to conduct local business.

6. Facebook Marketplace

Posting your automobile is incredibly simple and listings are free. The benefit of examining a potential buyer’s profile to confirm their legitimacy for sellers is another.

7. CarsDirect

Cars Direct offers a clear-cut and easy car for sale by owner on craigslist. Also, you have the option to send an enquiry for any vehicle you are interested in buying from a private seller or a dealer. The website can be used by private vendors to connect with more buyers.

8. CarGurus

Although CarGurus allows sellers to establish free listings, there is a small fee if the vehicle sells because of the listing. But with roughly 20 million buyers visiting the site each month, it would be beneficial. Due to its distinctive function, which informs customers about a vehicle’s genuine market value, it is also well-liked by buyers.

9. Carvana

Carvana is well known to many people due to its recent rise in popularity. Without having to worry about the bother of having it sent, buyers can broaden their search for a craigslist cars and trucks for sale by owner throughout the nation. Delivering your vehicle is simple and convenient with Carvana. The procedure is the same if you sell your car to Carvana. Your car will be picked up, and you’ll receive a check right there and then.

Buying a Car on Craigslist: A Guide to Avoid Getting Scammed

A car purchase on Craigslist could result in significant savings on a pricey investment. So where do you even begin? From the moment you begin your search for a car until the moment you pay taxes at the Department of Motor Vehicles, here are seven recommendations for buying a car on Craigslist, including some negotiation advice and warning signs to look out for.

Lots of cars are up for grabs on the online classifieds site Craigslist. While you shop, set your priorities and budget for the type of car you can afford, which will help you narrow down your search results. Test out different combinations of the price range, location, colour, and other filters to find the optimal combination for you.

2. Size up the car listing

If you’re interested in a particular car listed for sale, take a look at the photos. They have to be the right fit, and there can’t be any visible signs of damage to the car. Specs like “2013 Toyota Corolla SE” won’t cut it if you’re trying to sell your car on Craigslist. This data can be used to look up the car’s Kelley Blue Book value (KBB). We suggest that you not pay more than the KBB value for the vehicle. When the price of the car is significantly lower than the going rate, that should raise red flags.

3. Contact the seller

Call or phone the vendor to show your interest and request further details before going through the effort of scheduling an in-person encounter. You should request a copy of the vehicle’s title’s image as well as a vehicle history report. The title will indicate whether the vehicle has significant damage and whether a loan is still owed on it. Without a vehicle title, it is illegal to purchase or sell a vehicle. If the vendor misplaced it, they could ask the DMV for a replacement.

The number of previous owners, the vehicle’s maintenance history, and any accidents are all listed in the vehicle history report. Reports from places like Carfax and AutoCheck cost roughly $25 to $40. If the title and the report are accurate, you can meet the seller and be confident that the vehicle is in good condition.

4. Meet to inspect the car

We recommend meeting the seller during the day in a public place with surveillance cameras, such as the parking lot of a large retail outlet. Walk around it, check the oil, and then drive it like you stole it to put it through its paces (within reason). These are the most thorough guidelines I’ve seen for inspecting a pre-owned vehicle. If warning signs such as unusual sounds, odours, or sluggish acceleration persist, it may be time to have a professional mechanic take a look. It might only cost $100, but it could prevent you from buying a dud.

5. Negotiate

Make an initial offer that is 15% lower than the asking price and further price reductions should be simple to achieve. You can also ask for the KBB value if it’s lower. If the vehicle inspection turns up some kind of problem, have the seller knock some money off the asking price to cover the cost of fixing it. You might end up without a new car if you lowball (offer 30% less or more).

6. Exchange the money and title

Check the car’s title for these two things before making the purchase. First, you should verify that the name on the title matches the person’s driver’s licence to make sure they are the rightful owner and can legally sell the item to you. Compare the VIN on the title to the one on the car to make sure you’re getting the right one. You might use cash or a service like PayPal or Venmo to pay the merchant. Attention: A car transaction is not protected or guaranteed by those sites. Your funds are lost as soon as you send the money. Use of Western Union, cashier’s checks, certified checks, money orders, gift cards, or other similar services is strictly prohibited.

7. Do the paperwork

Do yourself a favour and get car insurance before you hit the road in your shiny new ride. Your auto insurance company should make it possible for you to do this via their own app, website, or phone service. You will likely need to provide proof of auto insurance when you register your vehicle with the DMV. You get to go to the DMV, which is the exciting part now. To legally own the vehicle, you must register it in your name, transfer the title, and most likely visit the DMV with the necessary documentation, payment, and taxes. Congratulations, you now own the car after that!


Should you pay upfront?

To “reserve” the car or demonstrate that you’re a “serious buyer,” a con artist may ask you to pay a percentage up front. We advise against doing this. The merchant can take your money and skip the meeting altogether.

Is the seller in the country?

Even if the vendor may claim to be in the military, dealing with international paperwork, taxes, tariffs, and shipment (if the car is located abroad as well) can be expensive and difficult. Avoiding overseas car deals is preferable.

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