What is the best app to spy on text messages?

app to spy on text messages


Spying on text messages is an easier task to go through especially if you understand the usage of the latest technology. You can get access to the messages of the targeted individual by simply reading them out physically without their knowledge. But this can not be a good idea as it would have some risks of being caught up. However, the incredible way of reaching access someone’s phone is to use a spying application that can aid you spy on their text messages.

These applications are specifically created to be stealthy and are designed for spying purposes only. This spying app can be installed on your phone and help you monitor all of the conversations without their permission. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to protect your loved ones from any danger.

What are text spy apps?

Text spy apps are software programs that help enable a person to keep an eye on the text messages of an individual. This application works by intercepting and reading the messages of the targeted phone. 

The first step is to install the app into your phone, and then you need to forward all of the incoming and outgoing messages to the real owner of the app. This app is quite helpful in recording all the incoming and outgoing calls as well as it tracks the location of the phone as well.

Today, spying apps have become increasingly eminent because of the convenience they offer. Yes, these apps can let you monitor your child’s virtual activities. You can use them for other nefarious purposes like hacking accounts, or stealing passwords, depending upon your choice.

Best text spying app to track messages:

What is the best app to spy on text messages? Well, There are numerous text spying apps available in the market and it can be difficult to handpick one among all. Because all of them give amazing features with good cost. That’s the reason why we have put together a list of the top trending spying apps to make your decision easier.

1: iKey Monitor:

 If you are looking for a reliable text-spying app, then iKey Monitor is the right option. The iKey Monitor app can assist you to keep a record of your kid while you are not around. This can help protect your loved ones from cyber crimes, cyberbullying, or even through unwanted intruders. You can get complete information about the individual you want to spy. This includes the chat history, call logs, messages, current location, or the location history as well.

Features of iKey Monitor:

  • Location tracking feature.
  • Records of phone calls.
  • Social media chat history.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Assess call logs.


Being a parent, you are always protective of your child. You do not want them to get trapped in a difficult situation. That’s why you want to monitor them every time. NEXSPY is an incredible text-spying app specifically designed for parents concerned about the safety of their children. This application works on security issues by maintaining the overall security and privacy of the individual. NEXSPY also helps you safely encrypt the data.

Features of NEXSPY:

  • Ability to monitor all calls.
  • SMS spying of the targeted individual.
  • GPS tracking facility.
  • Records all keystrokes.
  • Monitors social media sites.

3: Cocospy:

How can I read the SMS of another phone number on my phone? This can be done in many ways. Cocospy is the simplest yet safest app to look at other people’s text messages. It can keep a record of all sites as well as delete the message history. The uniqueness of this application is that it can help you block the websites and contacts of the targeted phone. Cocospy receives messages from other phones and then sent those to the control panel. Many business owners use this application to get track of their employees.

Features of Cocospy:

  • Remotely monitors all activities.
  • Give alerts of keywords and keystrokes.
  • Location tracking through GPS.
  • Save all call logs.
  • Keep track of the deleted messages.

4: Sypine:

Looking for a perfect spying app? Sypine is the one that keeps a good track of the activities of your targeted ones. It is one of the effective solutions for parents looking for monitoring their child’s online activities. You can get this app installed into your phone and record every activity by simply saving it on the control panel of the Sypine in an excel file. Moreover, get access to all data through the dashboard.

Features of Spyine:

  • Keep tracking the location.
  • Access all calls.
  • Keeps chat history.
  • Geofencing.
  • View text messages.

5: MobiStealth:

MobiStealth is an unbelievable spying app that stealthily works on targeted devices. One of the best things about this app is that it tracks all activities of the targeted device without even touching it. Can you link your phone to someone else’s? So, yes. This can be done by installing the MobiStealth app. This helps you track all messages, WhatsApp chats, tinder data, Facebook Messenger, Skype conversations, and other call logs. Get this app install on your phones now and keep your data safe and secure.

Features of MobiStealth:

  • Records chat history.
  • Track emails or other messages.
  • Keep browsing history.
  • Keylogging.
  • Keep a record of videos and photos.

6: SMS Peeper:

SMS peeper is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a remote text message reader. This application allows the users to get access to the last hundred messages of the targeted person that have been sent and received by his device. You cannot say this application is a complete spying application as it helps you perform different other activities through the device as well. But the drawback of using this app is that it never lets you monitor anything except reading out the messages.

Features of SMS Peeper:

  • Access to text messages.
  • Provides last 100 message history.

How can I read the SMS of another phone number on my phone? 

In this technological era, the latest technologies have made our lives even easier. While at the same time, these technologies can also be used for many cybercrimes like bullying and harassment. 

Whether you are a concerned parent or a suspicious spouse, you can keep an eye on anyone’s virtual activity in many ways. 

Yes, you can read the SMS of another phone number into your phone by simply installing the message tracking apps on your mobile. This idea can be a little frightening but this can be helpful as well if you want to monitor your children. 

What is the best app to spy on text messages? A few applications like Sypine, iKey Monitor, MobiStealth, Cocospy, and some others can help track purpose. 

Can you link your phone to someone else’s?

Yes, you can easily link one Android phone to another by simply connecting the two. However, the best way to get two Android phones connected is through Bluetooth. It is a basic way to make two phones linked to each other wirelessly. 

But, there are some other ways as well to get your phone linked to someone else’s and that’s the use of a third-party Android app that remotely connects your phone to the targeted person. Once you have successfully connected the phone, now you can have access to the phone of the targeted person and you can use it to perform various activities virtually.

What happens after linking two phones remotely?

People ask questions like can you link your phone to someone else’s? Or what happens after linking your phone? So, let me tell you that after pairing two Android mobile phones, you can get quick access to the other person’s files or data. If you have to get this process done just to transfer the files, so that’s a good way to get your files transferred in one go only. 

In addition to that, this process can be done to control someone else’s phone as well. This is useful in getting you to take the advantage of another’s phone, providing remote support, and troubleshooting, and helping you monitor their information. 

For example, through this linking process, you can remotely reach out to the camera of the other person and check for their surroundings. You can look up their messages, phone calls, installed applications, locations, and whatnot.


In the nutshell, I would say that whenever you look out for a spying app, you always need to consider the features that you think are the important ones for you. Some applications are meant to use for tracking purposes only while others can spy on text messages, find out the location through GPS, or monitor calls. 

So, it’s always essential to ensure that the app you choose is renowned, trustworthy, or reliable. Read out the reviews of people to get an idea of which app can be the best suitable for you. Once you make sure that the app you have selected is compatible with your phone, then get it installed on your phone and start spying.

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